Goong Pan Oi
prawns on sugarcane (sugarcane prawns)

500 gr prawns
1 tsp oil
1 tsp thai black pepper
1 tbsp fishsauce
1/2 tsp palmsugar
125 gr carrots
6 cloves garlic
500 gr bread crumbs
440 gr sugarcane (can)
oil for frying

sweet and sour plum sauce

Slice 4 stick sugarcane into 4 thin canes (16 in total). Grate the carrots. Pound or grind the pepper, the oil, the prawns, the fishsauce, the garlic and the carrots fine into a paste. Form 16 balls from the mixture and knead them around a sugarcane. Steam the canes for 5 minutes. Roll the canes through the breadcrumbs. Heat in a wok the oil and fry the canes golden brown. Serve the sugarcane prawns with the sauce.

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