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Sayur Terjun Rebung
bamboo shoots and beef with potatoes in spicy sauce

300 gr bamboo shoots
150g sweet potato
1 block tahu/tofu
250g beef
800 ml water
1 tablespoon salt
150 ml santen asli (coconut milk)
4 shallots
4 cloves garlic
2cm kunyit
3 nuts kemiri
1 tbsp ketumbar
Cara membuat:
Cut the meat into cubes, the bamboo into thin strips, the potato and the tahu into cubes. Pound or grind the ingredients for the bumbu fine into a paste.
Heat in a pan the water and add the meat with the paste and cook the meat until soft. Add the bamboo, the potatoes and the tofu and mix well. Add the salt and pour the coconut milk in slowly and let it simmer until done, while stirring so that the coconut milk doesn't split.
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