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Ikan Bumbu Acar
fish with sweetsour vegetables

500 gr bonito / tuna
1 lime (juice)
2 tsp white pepper
100 gr carrot
100 gr kacang panjang (snake beans)
100 gr rebung (bambu shoots)
3 tbsp oil
2 tsp palmsugar
2 tbsp rice vinager
150 ml santen asli (thick coconut milk)
salt to taste

50 gr kenarinuts else almonds
5 red shallots
4 cloves garlic
4 red lomboks (large chilies)
6 red rawits (small chilies)
5 cm jahe (ginger)
4 cm kunyit (curcuma)

Cara membuat:
Sprinkle the fish with the pepper and the limejuice and let it sand for at least 2 hours. Slice the kacang panjang into pieces, the rebung into thin strips and the carrot into thin slices. Pound or grind the ingredients for the bumbu into a paste. Heat in a wok the oil and fry the fish golden brown and then drain.
Add the paste and fry it for 3 minutes. Then add the kacang panjang, the carrot, the rebung togethe with the palmsugar, the rice vinager, the salt and the santen and let it simmer slowly for 10 minutes. Laddle it over the fish and serve.
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