Braised pork belly

1500 gr pork belly
7 cloves garlic
150 ml white vinegar
4 tbsp kecap manis
250 gr palmsugar
2 tbsp salte black beans
1 tsp pepper
2 salam leaves
2 star anise
4 tbsp peanuts, roasted
2000 ml water

Cara membuat:
Put the pork belly in pan and fill it with the water until the meat is covered. Cook the meat for at least 10 minutes. Remove the meat and let it cool down. Mix all other ingredients until the palmsugar is dissolved. Cut the meat into thick slices and mix it through the marinade and let it stand for at least 12 hours. Scrape off the layer of fat from the cooking liquid. Put the meat with the marinade back in the pan and let it cook slowly for 3 hours until the meat is cooked. Remove the meat form the pan and remove the salam leaves. Let the sauce boil further until the liquid has thickened. Then pour the sauce on top op the meat and serve

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