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Tom Kha Gai
Sweet/sour chicken soup in coconut milk

4 cm ginger, crushed
1 lemongrass, crushed
900 ml coconut milk
3 kaffir lime leaves
350 chicken breast
4 tbsp fish sauce (nam pla)
2 onions
200 gr bamboo shoots

4 red small chillies (rawits)
2 sprigs mint
1 lime (juice)

Slice the meat into small pieces and the onions and the bamboo shoots in thin slices. Slice the chilles fine. Heat in a wok the coconut milk and add the ginger, the lemon grass and the kaffir lime leaves and cook it for 3 minuten. Then add the meat and the bamboo shoots and cook it for 5 minuten. Then put in the rest of the ingrediënts and the garnish and serve it hot with rice.

©: f.m. wiedenhoff

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