Jenang Grendul
cassava porridge

1500 ml water
250 gr palmsugar
1 pandan leaf
500 gr cassava
175 gr sago flour

Bahan-bahan saus:
ingredients sauce:
750 ml santen cair (thin coconut milk)
1/2 tsp salt
1 pandan leaf

Cara membuat:
Slice the cassave into small cubes. Roast the sage dry in a skillet. Heat in a pan the water. add the palmsugar, the pandan leaf and the cassava and cook it slowly until tthe cassava is done and the palmsugar is dissolved. Sprinkle the sago on top and stir until small lumps appear. Remove it from the pan and serve it with the sauce.

Cara membuat saus:
preparation/method sauce:
Heat is a pan the santen together with the salt and the pandan leaf and cook it slowly until the sauce thickens.

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