Gado-Gado Betawi - mixed vegetables with peanut sauce

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Gado-Gado Betawi
mixed vegetables with peanut sauce

150g garter/snakebeans
200g cabbage
75g bean sprouts
1 labu siam / chayote
1 block tahu
200 gr tempe
2 cucumbers
Bahan-bahan saus:
Sauce ingredients:
175g peanuts
5 red rawits
3 cloves garlic, fried
1/2 tsp salt
4 tsp palm sugar
125 ml water
2 tsp asemwater
2 limes (juice)
1 tbsp Bawang Goreng
50 g kerupuk / crackers
Cara membuat:
Cut the garter into small pieces, the cabbage into large strips / pieces, the tofu, tempe and chayote into cubes. Heat in a pan the water and blanch the beans, the bean sprouts, cabbage and drain. Steam the chayote. Heat in a pan the oil and fry the tahu and tempe. Cut the cucumber into pieces. Mix all the vegetables and the tahu and tempe together and pour over the sauce. Sprinkle with bawang goreng and prawn crackers and serve.
Cara membuat sauce:
cooking sauce:
Pound or grind the peanuts, garlic, rawits, salt and palm sugar into a paste. Mix the water slowly and form a smooth paste. Then mix in the asemwater and the lime juice.
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