Temo coe pandan
traditional cake from North Sumatra with pandan

200ml coconut milk
25 ml suij water (from 15 suije leaves and 5 pandan leaves)
200g white ketan flour
1/2 tsp salt
banana leaf
2 pandan leaf
Bahan-bahan isi:
stuffing ingredients
100g palm sugar
25g toasted white sesame
2 tsp toasted white sesame
Cara membuat:
Cook the santen along with Sije water. Mix slowly with ketan and salt to a smooth dough and divide into 25 portions. Mix the palm sugar and sesame. Cut the pandan into 25 pieces.
Take one portion of dough and press it flat, top with a little sugar mixture and form a ball. Sprinkle the balls with the sesame. Line a steamer with banana leaf and place the balls thereon. Put on each ball a piece of pandan leaf. Steam the temo for 15 minutes until cooked and open the pan every 3 minutes to allow steam to escape.

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