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Pallu Mara
spicy yellow tamarind fish

2000 gr fish
3 cm kunyit 
10 red lomboks
9 shallots
3 cloves garlic
3 cm jahe
400 ml water
4 tbsp asem
salt to taste

sliced tomatoes

Cara membuat:
Clean the fish and rub it in with the kunyit and the salt. Deseed the lomboks and slice them lenghtwise. Cut the garlic, the jahe and the shallots into slices. Mix the asem with the water. Put half of the garlic, the jahe, the lomboks and the shallots in a fishpan and put the fish on top. Add the remaining shallots, jahe, garlic and lomboks and pour the asemwater over it. Cook the fish slowly and covered for 40 minutes. Put the fish on a plate and garnish it with the tomato.
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