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Rujak Serut
rujak made of shredded fruit

1/2 pineapple
2 carrots
3 apples
2 pears
1 mango

Bahan-bahan dressing:
ingredients dressing:
250 ml water
2 red rawits
250 gr palmsugar (gula jawa)
1 tbsp asem (tamarind)
1/2 tsp trasi bakar (roasted shrimp paste)
2 limes (juice)
4 tbsp peanuts
salt to taste

Cara membuat:
Slic the pineapple julienne. Shred the carrots, the apples, the pears and the mango or slice it all julienne. Popund or grind the rawits fine into a paste and the peanuts coarse. Heat in a pan the water and add the palmsugar and the asem. Cook it until it is dissolved. Let it cool down and then add the remainig ingredients for the dressing to it. Mix the dressing through the fruit and serve it cooled.
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