Pepesan Sapi
spicy roasted sirloin beef

750 gr sirloin steak
3 shallots
2 cloves garlic
2 red lomboks (laege chilies)
3 cm laos (galangal)
3 cm jahe (ginger)
2 tsp trassi (shrimp paste)
2 tbsp water
1 tsp gula jawa (palmsugar)
3 sprigs celery leaves
salt to taste
1 tbsp lime juice
banana leaves
biteng (small wooden sticks)

Cara membuat:
Pound the meat flat. Cut the shallots, the garlic and the celery fine. Pound or grinds the laos,the jahe and the lomboks into a paste. Mix the trassi with the water. Mix the hallots, the garlic, the paste, the celery, the lime juice, the salt, the palmsugar and the trassiwater and rub the meat in. Let it stand for 2 hours.
Package the meat into the bananaleaves and close it with the biteng. Roast the packet slowly above a charcoalfire for 75 minute. Make sure that the banana leaf doesn't burn.

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