Lampang Lumbuk
fried liver

500 gr liver
1 red lombok (large chili)
2 shallots
50 gr shredded coconut
125 ml coconut milk
3 tsp ketumbar (coriander)
2 tsp jinten (cumin)
1 cm kencur, crushed (bitterroot)
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp salt
2 salam leaves
2 jerut purut / kaffir lime leaves

Cara membuat;
Cook the liver half done in the water/stock and drain. Cut the liver into slices. Cut the shallots fine and the lombok into thin strips. Heat in a wok the coconut milk and add the cocos, the ketumbar, the jinten, the pepper, the kencur and the salt and let it cook slowly until the sauce had thickened. Then add the liver, the salam, the jeru purut and the stock ans cook it slowly and covered until its done. It shouldn't become to dry!

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