Hui Guo Rou
Twice cooked pork

400 gr belly pork
3 green garlic (suan miao - young garlic sprigs)
3 cm jahe (ginger)
1 tbsp rice wine
2 tbsp chili bean paste (duo ban jian)
1 tbsp sweet bean paste (tian mian jiang)
1 tsp palmsugar
2 tsp fermented black beans
1 tsp kecap manis (dark soy sauce)
1 tbsp arachide oil
2 tsp sesame oil
400 ml water

Heat in a pan the water and cook the meat slowly for 25 minutes. Reove the meat and let it rest for a fewe hours. Cut the meat in slices. Slice the green garlic in 5 long pieces and grate the jahe.
Heat in a wok the oil and add the meat. Fry it slightly brown. Sprinkle the wine on top en put the meat on top of the wok. Add the green garlic, the jahe and the chili bean paste and fry it for 30 seconds. Then add the sweet bean paste and fry it for 30 seconds. Add the palmsugar, the kecap and the black beans and mix in the meat and fry it for 30 seconds. Sprinkle the sesame oil on top and serve.

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