Aeb Goong Fawy
Shrimp roasted in banana leaves

300 gr freshwater shrimps
3 shallots
3 sprigs coriander/cilantro
banana leaves
small wooden sticks

Ingredients nam prik:
2 dried large chilies, soaked
3 lemongrass
2 cm laos (galangal)
1 cm kunyit (turmeric)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp trassi (shrimp paste)

Pound or grind the ingredients for the nam prik into a a paste. Chop the shallots and the coriander. Mix the shrimps with the paste, the shallots and the coriander and divide into 3 portions. Put a portion of the mixture on a piece of banana leave and fold it as a packet and close it with the wooden sticks. Roast the packets for 15 minutes slowly on a charcoal fire until done. Do not burn the banana leaves.

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