Sayuran Campur Pedis
mixed vegetables salad with a spicy sauce/dressing


12 spinach leaves
300 gr snake beans
75 gr snow peas
100 gr bean sprouts
1 red lombok
1 onion

Bahan-bahan saus:
ingredients sauce:
2 tbsp arachide oil
2 cloves garlic
2 cm jahe (ginger)
1 red rawit
2 tbsp santen asli (thick coconut milk)
1 tbsp palmsugar
1 tbsp rice vineager
5 tbsp water

Cara membuat;
Slice the spinach fine and the snakebeans into 7 cm long pieces. Deseed the lombok and cut it into thin strips. Cut the onion into thin slices. Heat in a pan the water and blanch the snake beans and the snow peas. Drain well and mix it with all other ingredients.
Pound or grind the garlic, the jahe and the rawit fine into a paste. Heat in a pan the oil and fry the paste for 1 minute. Add the water, the rice vinegar, the palmsugar and the santen and let it simmer for 1 minute. Let it cool down and mix it with the vegetables.
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