Solok Lada
fish filled peppers in coconut milk

11 green lomboks
3 ikan kembung (mackerel)
4 shallots
1 cm jahe (ginger)
3 sereh (lemongrass)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp palmsugar
125 gr grated coconut
400 ml santen (coconut milk)

Cara membuat:
Slice the lomboks open en remove the seeds. Clean de fish and debone it and pluck the meat fine. Pound or grind the shallots, the jahe and the sereh fine and mix it with the fish, the grated coconut, the salt and the palmsugar. Fill the lomboks with his mixture. Heat in a wok the santen an coo the lomboks slowly for 15 minutes until done.

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