Ho Muk Talay
red seafood curry

100 gr prawns
100 gr crab
100 gr squid
100 gr mussels
100 gr red snapper
1 egg
2 tbsp red curry paste
250 thick coconut milk
2 tsp salt
1 tsp palmsugar
50 gr chines cabbage
10 sweet basil leaves
banana leaves
wooden sticks


2 red rawits (chilies)
2 kaffir lime leaves

Clean the prawns and remove the hard plate from the quid. Mince the red snapper and mix it with the curry paste and the egg. Then add the coconut milk, the salt and the sugar and pound it into a paste. Chop the prawns, the crab and the squid. Take a banana leave, put some babbage and basil leaves on it and andd the prawns, the mussels, the crab and the squid. Then add some of the curry. Fold the banana leave as a package and close it with the wooden stocks. Steam the pacages for 10-15 minutes. Cut the rawits and the lime leaves into thin strips and garnish the open parcels with it.

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