Bubur Tajin Biruh - Green porridge
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Bubur Tajin Biruh
Green porridge

500 white ketan
½ tsp salt
100 ml water
10 suij leaves
2 pandan leaves
½ tsp betel lime juice
100 gr palmsugar
350 santen asli
Cara membuat:
Crush the suij leaves and the pandan leaves and mix it with the betel lime juice and the water (100 ml) Soak the ketan for 2 hours and cook it
until it becomes soft and thick. Set 100 ml aside. Mix the green water with the porridge and cook it further until it thickens. Heat the santen asli and grate the palmsugar. Pour the green porridge in a bowl and sprinkle the palmsugar on top. Then pour in the retained (white) porridge and serve it with the santen.
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