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Our new cookbook is out! Kuliner Nusantara - the culinary Indonesian cuisine, the colorful island arc with extra recipes from Manado and Kalimantan (Borneo) and with a lot of photos , for details see here (link goes to or buy at Amazon, also in print available!

Welcome at ResepDapur and Asiancook, your only needed source for Indonesian, Thai and Asian recipes and foodstuff., is the nr.1 Dutch website on Indonesian and Thai recipes, which used to have a small selections of the recipes in the English language. This site aims to be the nr. 1 site in English. We've added a translate option at and also Korean recipes.
Our aim is to give you a delicious taste of Indonesian, Thai and Asian food to be prepared at you own home and at you own convenience. And off course we shall give you an insight in the culture of those countries and people.

All recipes are as old family recipes or collected and adjusted to bring back their original flavour. What we strive for is that you will enjoy the richness of the original and authentic Asian food.

The recipes are as stated original and not taken from any website or cookbook. So try out and enjoy the various Asian food to be prepared by yourself !!
For the disclaimer|copyright notice see here

All recipes:© F.M. Wiedenhoff

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